Please find answers to several FAQs below.

What can you do at AFTmarket?

How to purchase NFT items?

Do I have to use cryptocurrency exchanges to buy Ethereum?

Which CEX do I have to use?

How does the auction work?

If I bid one minute before the end of the auction, is there a higher chance of winning?

How can I check my bidding status?

Does the original author receive profit if I resell NFT items?

Which browser should I use to access AFTmarket?

Is there a minimum OS version to use AFTmarket application?

Is there an age limit to using AFTmarket?

What happens to my NFT items when I close my account?

Will selling BJ's NFT items benefit BJ?

Do I need an AfreecaTV account and an Ethereum wallet to log in?

Is it available for overseas users residing in Korea?

Can ‘AFTmarket’ users issue NFT items and sell them?

Does the highest bidder have copyright for the NFT?

Can I resell purchased NFT items on ‘AFTmarket’?

How can I use the purchased NFT items?

Can I sell the same items in other markets?